Interaction with stakeholders

The Ecoline EA Centre assists in establishing long-term constructive relationship between the company (customer) of the investment project (or the operator of an existing production facility) and stakeholders*. Special attention is paid to interaction with the population whose interests are affected by current or planned activities.

Using methods and techniques of best international practices, the Ecoline EA Centre identifies stakeholders, analyses their expectations and concerns associated with the planned or current activity, conducts wide-ranging consultations with stakeholders, and develops Stakeholder Engagement Plans.

Wide-range consultation with stakeholders is an indispensible component of many environmental and social assessment projects of the Ecoline EA Centre. We have accumulated a unique experience of interaction with the indigenous population in different regions of the Russian Federation, for example, as part of the environmental and social assessment of the Komi Aluminium project (Republic of Komi).

*Stakeholders – social groups whose interests may be affected by planned or current production facility; groups expressing their interest in discussion of environmental and/or socio-economic aspects of economic activity. Typical stakeholder groups are the population, local authorities, authorized bodies of executive power, public organizations, mass media, etc.