Stakeholder Engagement


Peschanka Deposit

Location of the Project Components

Baimka Mine and Processing Plant

Marshalling Yard near Pevek

Transport Infrastructure, Electricity and Fuel Supply, and Communications

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Key Environmental and Social Impacts

Stakeholder Engagement


During the ESIA Scoping an initial version of a Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) was developed. The SEP identifies key groups of Project stakeholders, proposes a general approach to stakeholder engagement and consultation with stakeholders on environmental and social aspects of the Project. The SEP also describes a proposed external grievance mechanism.

The SEP will be revisited and updated during further stages of the Project development and implementation.

SEP – Russian version

SEP – English version


How you can participate

Those interested in receiving further information on the Project and sharing any relevant information may review the ESIA documentation and provide comments on the documents at the specially organized public visitor centers

Questions on the Project can be communicated in oral or written form to GDK Baimskaya via:

Ecoline Environmental Assessment Center NPP (Environmental and Social Consultant)

Bolshaya Tatarskaya Street, 21/8. Moscow 115184
+7 (905) 574-46-92
Anna Kuznetsova

For questions on the Project

Public visitor centers

 Bilibinskaya Municipal District Library 

 Albina Spasova, Director

 Bilibino, Lenina Street, 7 
 +7 (42738) 257-31

 Pevek Urban District Administration 

 Natalya Vukvukay

 Pevek, Obrucheva Street, 29 
 +7 (42737) 415-55

 Tan-Bogoraz Public Library

 Olga Pakhomova

 Otke Str., 5, Anadyr 
 +7 (42722) 261-53

GDK Baimskaya LLC

 Anadyr office 

 Ruslan Silantiev

 Dezhneva Street 1, Anadyr, Russia 689000  +7 (924) 665-32-17

 Moscow office 

 Aleksandr Kliachin

 Sadovnicheskaya Street, 4, bld. 1,  Moscow Russia 115035   +7 (495) 777-31-04 ext. 1136