Environmental and Social Impact Assessment


Peschanka Deposit

Location of the Project Components

Baimka Mine and Processing Plant

Marshalling Yard near Pevek

Transport Infrastructure, Electricity and Fuel Supply, and Communications

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Key Environmental and Social Impacts

Stakeholder Engagement


The Company plans to attract financing from International Finance Institutions (IFIs) for the Project. As such the Company is conducting an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) in compliance with IFI requirements, particularly, the Equator Principles and the requirements of the International Finance Corporation (IFС).

An ESIA Scoping study is the first stage of the ESIA process; its purpose is to scope the assessment needed for  the environmental and social impacts of the Project. The assessment findings are then presented in the main ESIA Report.

Measures to prevent, mitigate or offset expected negative impacts are presented in an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) developed during the ESIA stage.

The draft ESIA Scoping for the Project is available for review by stakeholders.

ESIA Scoping Report – Russian version

ESIA Scoping Report – English version